Chastity Mistress with Cassandra and Meredith
2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

Call Meredith 1-800-601-6975

What brought you here to me? What was the catalyst that challenged and encouraged your steps to take the path of denial? Could it be that you are consumed with your incessant need to challenge yourself but have failed in succeeding? That is why you are here today.

I am the strong willed and intelligent woman that is going to break you down. A good coach knows that sometimes that is required in order to build you back up the way I want you. I am your coach now, your self help guru, armed in the power of your submission. I am locking you up, key in hand complete with orgasm denial. Chastity training is about orgasm denial, not orgasm delaying. I will decide when and if you get to release. Not delayed. Denied.

Time for some ground rules. Just so we are clear about this… you will no longer refer to the cock between your legs as "yours". There is no more "yours" in your vocabulary, or "mine". I am the owner and possessor of your cock. I decide on when to lock it up and for how long. Your only thoughts will be about pleasing your Mistress. Those are very good thoughts!

Do not be naïve about what you are entering into. Chastity Training is the key to a whole new enlightenment and understanding of submission. Chastity will lead you down a difficult road full of discipline, frustration and challenges. Please, do not come to me with promises you can not keep. Integrity is expected. I will decide what needs to be done. You just need to obey.

If you are a beginner I will set up a program specifically catered to your level of experience. The level of what I need from you. For the intermediate or advanced, your program will vary accordingly. Do not come to me expecting to set your own pace and develop your own program. As I said, the word "yours" no longer applies. I am your Mistress, Queen of denial.

You will be under contract, cock binding. If you are interested in my training I want you to read every section of this site. You will read about rules and annoyances. Once you understand my terms then you may take the possible steps to become my Chastised Slave.

Private messaging and emailing me is a privilege. You will respect my time and never take advantage. Read the rules and annoyances before you do so. Then the real fun begins. I will interview you in order to ensure you are a willing slave to my demands. Determine if and when we begin and the best program for our venture into the land of submission, chastity and control.

Remember that I know what I am doing and will decide how long you will be chastised for. I may give you some really strict, hard core training or something a little softer at first. No matter what I can guarantee that I will break you and take you past your limits. This is all about taking you past those barriers under the control of a Beautiful Mistress. It is even better when there are two of us Mistresses there to control you. Mistress Cassandra and I work so well together.


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