Chastity Mistress with Cassandra and Meredith
2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


For chastity training by phone, call Mistress Cassandra or Mistress Meredith at 800 356 6169

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Welcome to cocklock bootcamp, soldier.

Your drill Instructresses await your submission.

You must read all of these pages before you decide on any of the programs detailed . We mean very strict business and you will not waste our time with unserious inquiries. We can smell these immediately and you will be ousted with one stroke of your pathetic cock. Instant messaging on Yahoo is for chastity slaves in training. You will send a sincere introductory e-mail showing true interest in OUR chastity program.

This is a strict enforced chastity training program for all levels, from beginner to advanced trainees. We specialize in orgasm denial through chastity devices and/or cock control through guided stroking. Release is granted upon negotiation of course. This is OUR world, OUR way! You are on this page for this reason and this reason only: To be the best chaste slave you can possibly be, and ultimately for OUR amusement. Serious inquiries only, no time wasters or dilettantes.

Lucky for you to stumble upon this page. Keyholders do mostly nothing except take the fee and hold the key. We happen to enjoy having a toy to play with, pass around and dominate. Feel fortunate you have found us. Now read our pages and decide your fate.