Chastity Mistress with Cassandra and Meredith
2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


We do not prefer contracts. If you desire a contract, one will be personally tailored for you. We believe better results are obtained through circuit training, key exchange, and loaner programs.

Circuit Training
A program will be decided through negotiation. A schedule of denied stroking , or teasing in the cage will be arranged for an agreed amount of time. During this time you will be chaste, locked in a device. A cam will be necessary if stroking is decided. In this case the cage is removed and replaced after the teasing and stroking session . A plastic lock with a series of numbers will be viewed by Us, and you will lock back up with it. Plastic locks are best for a series of calls done on consecutive days. Metal locks with keys, combination locks, and real estate lock boxes are for long term training. We do not use the keysafe method at this time.

Key Exchange
Pass the key program is simply mailing the keys back and forth . You won't know which Mistress has them, and if We decide to play the guessing game, you may win or lose therefore adding more time to your sentence. This is a loose program which involves rules changing and surprises, such as your keys appearing in your mailbox when least expected, Us claiming the keys are lost, or simply the keys you receive are not the keys to your lock. Should you decide on key exchange program, make sure you like surprises and have a playful nature.

Loaner Program
Loaner program is circuit training involving up to 7 Mistresses of your or Our choice. Only Women who enjoy teasing and denying men are chosen from our Sister sites. You will call 7 different Mistresses for 7 days, 20-30 minutes each call. If a certain Mistress is not available, then you try the next. Sometimes due to schedules and other factors, this Mistress will not be available that day. In this case you are shit out of'll have to wait. Remember. part of chastity training is patience!

We will draw up a contract through negotiation. Every chaste slave is unique, and so should the contract. Contracts will vary in strictness, all which will involve penalties, rewards, and length of chastity lockup. Contracts are not bound by law, can be cancelled by either party at any time, and are merely a form of formality for chastity ritual. For an example of a contract, see Cassandra's Dicktator site.