Chastity Mistress with Cassandra and Meredith
2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

Chastity Rules

1) Call for an orientation session. There is a 10 minute minimum at $2.50 per minute ($2.50 international) . An hour session is discounted at $125.00 ($125.00 international). A two Mistress call is a 10 minute minimum at $3.50 per minute ($3.99 International). Prepay is an option for pussy whipped husbands who sneak around. If you're not pussy whipped already, We will make sure you are after we are done with you.

2) Should you decide to be cocklocked by one of Us, prepare to pay an initial fee of $500.00. If you decide to be cocklocked by both of Us, prepare to pay an initial fee of $750. Also you must call once a week minimum for at least 30 minutes. These sessions are at the regular rate.

3) The program requires a cam and Yahoo Messenger. A cam is necessary for locking, unlocking, edging, plastic lock number verification, and random checking. I.M. is also used for communicating progress as well as daily e-mails.

4) You will be required to join Us on Monday nights at 10:00 pm eastern time in the cock control chat room for "Blue Balls Monday", a chat on cock control and chastity. You will be given a pet name for your handle. If you are not able to attend, you had better have a good reason.

5) Your progress will be posted on one or both of our blogs depending on who is training you from a brief daily journal entry. You will email this entry every day without fail, or another day will be added to the sentence. You will have a training forum in the cock control forum as well which you will post in daily. Should either of us decide, we may require you to start a blog in Our honor, posting progress, adorations and poems to Us.

6) Should W/we decide on metal locks, the keys sent to Me are color coded and put in your personal slot. I may wear them on My silver chain as an accessory at play parties. There are lock options as in combination locks, real estate boxes for the ritual minded, and of course the plastic locks for frequent flyers.

7) If you do decide to be Locked up and Chastity trained by one of us we reserve the right and may pass you off to one other as we see fit.

8) This program has a probation period of 2 weeks . We determine infractions and rewards:



a) late journal entries (day added to sentence)
b) not having messenger on during leisure time for random checking
c) calling tardy (each minute late will add a day to the sentence)
d) becomming an I.M. pest



a) a custom made brainwash mp3 audio for good behavior after 2 weeks
b) 5 free minutes with each call over one hour
c) selected hot pictures of Me to build a shrine in My honor
9) Should you decide to terminate this program, the initiation fee will not be refunded, so be sure to read this over with careful consideration.