Chastity Mistress with Cassandra and Meredith
2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


You can have the privilege of being trained by one or both Mistress Cassandra or Mistress Meredith. Do not think you can get two for the price of one. Do not try to say you will be loyal to one Mistress then go to the other. Don't try to games with us. This is about Cock Locked Enthusiasts and we take our Feminine Superiority duty of chastising men very seriously. This is our Domain. We will get the fee out of you and kick your lying ass to the curb. We will interview you and guide you to the best training program necessary.

Instant messaging is a tool for both of us to check up on you, not for you to check up on Us. Only use it for an emergency or to let Us know if you cant get into your e-mail or cannot make it to chat.

A chastised slave is a needy slave which is probably why you are being trained by the both of us. If you want to express your feelings to us then that is what your journal is for. Neither of us is your girl friend or your buddy to private message at will to talk about your feelings.

Don't ask for real time sessions.

No key games. Neither one of us believe the lost in the mail routine.

Don't top from the bottom. Negotiate clearly your expectations in the beginning. The orientation call should tell Us if you are a wannabe submissive. Neither one of us cater to demands, challenges, and insolence. You will be dismissed without refund.

Don't ask that either one of us to manipulate your sig other into the program. The perfect boy is a single boy. In some instances a sig other will want to participate. In this case I want an e-mail from her expressing enthusiasm. If I get one signal that she is just doing it for you, we will not take you on. She must be as kinky as you are and willing to play key games. We would love to have sig others involved. It makes for an interesting and fun program.

Email is also a privilege. A lengthy e-mail is welcome before you call. We will keep it and go over it with you. We do not want to know your shoe size, hair color, a/s/l, or about the bank in Nigeria. Talk is cheap. We want serious cock control enthusiasts who want to be locked, milked, and controlled. Don't call out toll free number with a fake credit card sputtering sleazy comments in the process. You won't get any feedback.

The worst annoyance is the flakiness of chastity subs. They are like students, and students will disappear without a trace, all of our hard work in vain. This is why there is an initial fee. You are hard work, and neither one of us is Mother Fucking Theresa.